Sunday, April 17, 2011



Dark Incantation, black figure.. what have you come for?
You are not human, from below.. what have I done to set you free?

I'll guide you through this mortal land.
Come so I can show you the way, my dark one.

Greater than all.

Every prophecy fulfilled.

Marching on, pillage the innocent and give them all what they deserve.
We will desecrate and spread our disease, will bring to life true pain and suffering.
I want to see you bleed.. I want to see you bleed.

Breath, enter oblivion. I feel the past erode away.

Now every heathen is burned to dust and their fables remain the same.
The turmoil that they create is laid to rest beside their grave.



Shredded, tore open.. A tragedy was this man
They assume that I grew selfish, I reply I know I am. 

What time you have wasted to consider why
All the time you have wasted it's time to decide. 

When there is so much to divide, counter-balance, separate and diffuse. 

My thought will pass you by. 

It will be easier to forget what happiness I barely offer any of you. 

Here flows my blood on these last few moments of my life. 

Before the stone, confide in this hole. 
Seven years rotting, died for sins of my blood. 
Betrayed by the flesh, the blood and the skin. 

Waiting for that soft rush of blood to fill her in this, my last torment.

Monday, April 11, 2011


I'm longing for winter's chill.

For the numbing air to burn my veins frozen.

I am the saddest one.
I am the deserted one.

Not a soul is wandering, because you feel no warmth.
No journey to the farthest reaches could make time change.

When I'm called, the darkness my cradle-
I am drunk with heavy footsteps and my mind becomes slave.

I was told that every day would be my last.